Earning Mechanism

*Users can match at least 2 and at most 20 events in one bet.

Earnings Calculation

Earnings are calculated according to the formula given below;


Fan Card Rate Calculation

FanCardRate=1+Level0.1FanCardRate= 1+Level*0.1

Case Study: A user chooses to bet on two different events for two different matches, the odds for these events are respectively 2.25, and 1.8 . The overall odds are calculated as: 2.25 x 1.8 = 4.05 . If the Fan Card Rate is 2.5 , potential earnings are equal to 4.05 x 2.5= 10.125 BTB.

Earning Cap

Every user has a daily limit on their BTB earnings. This limit is the "Earning Cap", and it's based on the level of their Fan Cards. Upgrading your Fan Card will increase your daily earning cap.

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