Getting Started

  1. Go to the App Go to to register

  2. Register We try to keep the registration process as simple and secure as possible. Currently, there is 2 different registration options. Gmail and Apple ID

  3. Create a Wallet Go to the Better App and login to your account. Click on the wallet icon in the upper right corner. Create a wallet and save your 12-character seed phrase to somewhere safe. How to create a wallet?

  4. Transfer BNB to your Wallet In order to buy Fan Cards, you will need to transfer BNB to your main wallet and add the BNBs into your in-game wallet. (Don't forget to keep extra BNB in your wallet for the network fees!)

  5. Go to Marketplace Go to the in-game marketplace and find a suitable Fan Card for yourself. Before purchasing a fan card, make sure that you know the fundamentals of a Fan Cards.

Congratulations! You're all set to play the game now. Remember that the amount of your daily bet is limited, adjust your strategy accordingly :) Good Luck !

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