Getting Started

  1. Go to the App Go to to register

  2. Register We try to keep the registration process as simple and secure as possible. Currently, there is 2 different registration options. Gmail and Apple ID

  3. Create a Wallet Go to the Better App and login to your account. Click on the wallet icon in the upper right corner. Create a wallet and save your 12-character seed phrase to somewhere safe. How to create a wallet?

  4. Transfer ETH to your Wallet In order to buy Fan Cards, you will need to transfer ETH to your wallet on the Arbitrum network. (Don't forget to keep extra ETH in your wallet for the network fees!)

  5. Go to Marketplace Go to the in-game marketplace and find a suitable Fan Card for yourself. Before purchasing a fan card, make sure that you know the fundamentals of a Fan Cards.

Congratulations! You're all set to play the game now. Remember that the amount of your daily bet is limited, adjust your strategy accordingly :) Good Luck !

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