Weekly Tournaments

"Better" team will choose a specific set of events for the Weekly Tournaments. Participants will be able to compete by betting on these events with desired odds. According to the participants' success rates, the reward will be distributed among the winners. Higher the success on predictions, higher the probability of winning the tournament. Regardless of the Fan Cards that users hold, every player can join these tournaments by purchasing a tournament ticket. You can buy these tickets using BTB token. *Tournaments will start once the Better ecosystem has a fair amount of users.

Reward Distribution

The total BTB collected by the sales of tournament tickets will be gathered in a pool, which is named the "Prize Pool". At the end of every tournament, 50% of the prize pool will be burned, 45% will be distributed upon successful players, and 5% will be taken as tax. See the chart below;

Also except the top ten players, top 25% of all participants will win rewards;

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